Elizabeth Gore


A 25 year old Australian Actress/Comedian/Photographer/Muggleborn, who’s cat is significantly more popular than she is.

Claims to be a Ravenclaw, but recent sources have suggested that she may actually be a Hufflepuff, yet her humour would suggest a Slytherin, and her reaction to spiders of any variety definitely rule out Gryffindor.

Hates folding laundry, packaging that doesn’t open as easily as it does on TV, and avidly despises Coriander.

She truly aspires to grow up to be Grandma Yetta, with Lucille Bluth as her best friend in her old senile years.

A Kmart regular and enthusiast – usually at 3 am, yet will consistently get in to arguments with the self serve checkout machines upon hearing the phrase “Please place item in bagging area”. 

Online shopping aficionado, especially after a couple of glasses (*ahem* bottles) of wine where she has been known to end up with books such as “Teach Your Dog to Sing” and “Why is My Cat More Popular Than Me”.

Avid and enthusiastic procrastinator. IMG_0050

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