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Ministry Of Magic Classification (M.O.M.) – XXXXX (Impossible to Domesticate)

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  • A 25 year old Australian Actress/Comedian/Photographer/Muggleborn, who’s cat is significantly more popular than she is.
  • Claims to be a Ravenclaw, but recent sources have suggested that she may actually be a Hufflepuff, yet her humour would suggest a Slytherin, and her reaction to spiders of any variety definitely rule out Gryffindor.
  • Hates folding laundry, packaging that doesn’t open as easily as it does on TV, and avidly despises Coriander.
  • She truly aspires to grow up to be Grandma Yetta, with Lucille Bluth as her best friend in her old senile years.
  • A Kmart regular and enthusiast – usually at 3 am, yet will consistently get in to arguments with the self serve checkout machines upon hearing the phrase “Please place item in bagging area”.
  • Online shopping aficionado, especially after a couple of glasses (*ahem* bottles) of wine where she has been known to end up with books such as “Teach Your Dog to Sing” and “Why is My Cat More Popular Than Me”.
  • Avid and enthusiastic procrastinator. IMG_0050
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