Bachie Wars 2017

How every “deep and meaningful” convo goes…

This year in “Last Years Reject, Rejects Societies Rejects” ….

Matty: So tell me about yourself…
[cue bachie slow music]
her: Well, i just… I feel like…. growing up…. I had like… issues dealing with the fact I found out i was actually born from my mother…. who wasn’t like… paleo at the time….. and never instagrammed it….. it just really effects me

[cut to bachie post interview]

Matty: I just feel like I really got to know her today, and I feel like she could be the woman i fall in love with… (Every Time!!)

[cut back to deep conversation]

other airheaded contestant on the sexual version of the hunger games…
“I feel like I should have had time with matty… he doesnt even know me…. i want more time with him….”

[storms up interrupting deep convo about insta filters….]



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