The Man Who Gives Us a Glimmer of Hope for Humanity

To me… this caption isn’t quite right…. to me the caption to this photo should be highlighting the single proud human being in this photo who understands the meaning of humanity and is able to show humanity to people other than himself, show grace to people who are vilifying him, and to those who are unable to think of anyone other than themselves. This picture should be circulated with the message of the Hope that this man gives us when we see him standing proudly, protecting those who do not deserve his compassion in the slightest.



This is a picture that gives us hope that there is a future where humanity has won and racial villification, violence and fanatacism has lost. This is a man who shows us that there are still good people in this world.

This is a man who should be a glimmer of hope to come out of the atrocities that have taken place. This man makes me see that there are still good people, and this man is a man who I would happily and proudly stand with.

What a picture of perfect humanity. A proud man doing his job professionally and with grace to protect others while they abuse their rights to free speech to send messages of hate and villification targeting people just like the proud strong man in this picture. Because there is only one man in this picture who understands the meaning of humanity, compassion and understanding for those other than himself and who are different to himself, and choosing to protect them as humans when they have not been deserving of his graciousness. This man is one of the real hero’s to be seen in this horrific display of racial villifcation, violence, white supremacy and terrorism. He is a perfect display of what it is to be a human with the ability to understand humanity. This should be circulated with this message, that there is only one man in this entire photo who is showing that despite all the evil atrocities that are happening, there are people out there like him, who still stand strong, maintain compassion and grace, and show us that there are people out there who will stand up to be heard to bring back some sense in to the radical fanaticism that is riddling our world at the moment. This is a man with True Humanity and gives us the hope and vision of a better future.
This is a man I would stand with.

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Bachie Wars 2017

How every “deep and meaningful” convo goes…

This year in “Last Years Reject, Rejects Societies Rejects” ….

Matty: So tell me about yourself…
[cue bachie slow music]
her: Well, i just… I feel like…. growing up…. I had like… issues dealing with the fact I found out i was actually born from my mother…. who wasn’t like… paleo at the time….. and never instagrammed it….. it just really effects me

[cut to bachie post interview]

Matty: I just feel like I really got to know her today, and I feel like she could be the woman i fall in love with… (Every Time!!)

[cut back to deep conversation]

other airheaded contestant on the sexual version of the hunger games…
“I feel like I should have had time with matty… he doesnt even know me…. i want more time with him….”

[storms up interrupting deep convo about insta filters….]


Archer Comes Home….. to nap…probably

His indecisiveness between whether he wants to play, run, eat, nap, cry, snuggle or nap again…. makes me think I may have actually adopted my drunken self

Archer came home with me today after a long 6 week wait for him to be big enough to decide he was too cool to still live with his mother and to move out in to a unit with a slightly indignant cat – who is trained to be a dog and is slowly plotting the death of the fellow tenant for repeatedly dressing him up in unicorn costumes…. and a ridiculously awkward 25 year old human who is yet to be properly domesticated and self sufficient.

Copyright to Bobs Burgers and their amazing rendition of “Can’t Get Enough (of my woman)” which truly captures the fact that I now have a little furball constantly attached at my feet.

New Model Hitting the Scene

Introducing the newest model to occasionally manage to stand in the spotlight when he isn’t actually looking at the camera.


Archer Duchess

  • Surprisingly Inattentive
  • Distracted Easily
  • Will try to lick you and the camera constantly despite being repeatedly told not to
  • Confidently indecisive
  • Prone to spontaneous naps mid run

But true delight to work with….. I mean…. who could resist those eyes?

Archer In The Wind.jpg